Everyone on Maui is happy to see that tourism and rentals are on the upswing. There were a couple of years when construction was slow but not for us. With our unique & comprehensive services we continued to grow and completed over 500 renovations in 8 years.

WHY Wailea Interiors & Remodeling? Because many owners still want and need to improve their Maui investments. They have seen where renovated condos rent much better than those in need. It only stands to reason that a potential renter will be much more willing to rent a newly remodeled unit before one that has 20 to 40 year old kitchens and baths.

WHY Wailea Interiors & Remodeling? Because Property Rental Managers have an abundance of rental properties and a lack of people to rent them. You can be certain they will take the path of least resistance and rent those remodeled units before any of the rest. This way they can be assured of happy guests who don’t demand to be moved or want discounts. Rental competition is stiff!! Also, we have completed renovations for owners who are “For Rent by Owner” and they have all reported significant increases in rental revenues and much fuller calendars and at increased daily rental charges.

WHY Wailea Interiors & Remodeling? Because our unique service is Win/Win/Win for all. The owners Win from only having to make one call for all needs. We make decisions more carefree and less costly because we provide all the decorating advise and shopping at no charge to them. The property managers Win from feeling safe in recommending a service that will greatly benefit their owners and provide good rental units. As the contractor, we Win because we are able to ‘completely’ satisfy our clients every need, which has led to a large referral business from very pleased owners.