Since the economic downturn and upheaval with lending institutions, mortgage loans have not been easy to obtain. Home equity loans for non-owner occupant and vacation rental condos and homes have been impossible.

GOOD NEWS: Lending institutions are starting to ease their regulations and home equity loans are once again available. Loans of up to 70% of value are now available at rates between 4% and 8%. Of course much will depend on the property and the owner’s credit standing. 

Not all lenders have come back yet but if you are interested we can give you the contact names and phone numbers at one large Maui Bank and one very large Mortgage Loan company, that also has access to private investor money. 

NOTE: We are not in any way involved in mortgage or real estate loans but as a service to our clients we will be surveying the local money market on a monthly basis to offer them access to lenders who may be able to assist.