This gorgeous home sat vacant for several years waiting for a new owner with enough vision to see the value and potentials. It had a lot of square footage but most was just open space and chopped up in many areas. It was a mess with three very dated baths, kitchen, floors, walls, lighting, windows, vanities, tiled showers, paint, etc. etc.

We dropped a living room ceiling, moved bedroom and bath walls and plumbing to allow for expansive new showers and Sapele wood wall hung cabinets. The Sapele wood custom cabinets with accent lighting were a dream come true for the owners. Stunning accents abound throughout.

As you can see from the photos, the final renovations transformed the home into a showplace with many changes that still offer an open and spacious feeling but with design changes making the space more practical and truly stunning.

It was a pleasure working with owners who had such great vision and we are proud of being able to assist the owners turn the ugly duckling into a gorgeous swan.

The awesome newly tiled pool surround was a magnificent final touch to this splendid renovation!

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